Sample Chapters




Feudball is available to pre-purchase from the website.  However, to help realise the readability and what people are purchasing, sample chapters have been placed online for perusal.

This is now the total number of chapters put online for perusal - no more will be added..

Only roughly the first half of the book is available to preview. We reserve the right to take down the preview chapters at any time - however we do not plan to at this stage.

We are open to putting the preview chapters in various formats to make viewing and reading as easy as possible. To discuss this further please do so through the chat forum on this site. Previous chapters are available from the previous chapters page.

The first 15 chapters - for free!

Chapter Format Draft Name
Chapter 1
PDF No welcome aboard
Chapter 2 PDF Avoiding the plank
Chapter 3 PDF Learning the ropes
Chapter 4 PDF Sand Brawling
Chapter 5 PDF Cooked books
Chapter 6 PDF Coffee and war
Chapter 7 PDF The truth revealed
Chapter 8 PDF New home
Chapter 9 PDF Meeting the inmates
Chapter 10 PDF Tryouts
Chapter 11 PDF The Crow and Eyeball
Chapter 12 PDF Extra Training
Chapter 13 PDF Hanged Thief and Drowned Rat
Chapter 14 PDF League Battles
Chapter 15 PDF Busted Ass

Feudball and Feudal Football are concepts developed by Stephen Babbage and Geoff Turner Copyright 2007.