Ordering Feudball


News Flash! Almost half our copies of the first edition are now sold!

Feudball is now currently in print! You can order your copy here, just select the link below after browsing the prices.  If there is a currency you would like to pay in, email me and I will let you know a price.









Postage: (Payable only once per order, but larger orders may incur a larger postage fee)

Apologies for the hike in postage, but I can only charge what AusPost will let me!








The Feudball book is a softcover novel of regular size (200 x 135 mm) and weighs  321grams for shipping.


Order your copy or copies.


Ordering you will also contribute to the likelihood of a sequel being written!

Final list of paid Pre-orders (signed and numbered):

1. Michael Spieroz

2. Kurt Withers

3. Matthew Chalmers

4. Andrew Lovell

5. Nath "Ratt" Gall

6. Michael Addison

7. Zain Hamid

8. Graeme Fazakerley

9. Matthew Weiss

10. Bill Murphy

11. Gavan Pearce

12. John Doe

13. Daniel Hutchison

14. James Russell-Wills

15. Geoff Watson

16. Geoff Kerr

17. Joseph Blogus

18. Mark Forster

19. Lisette Walsh

20. Val Cassotta

21. Dennis Bolin

22. Dennis Bolin

23. Dale Codling

24. Jay Deckman

25. Ty Powers

26. David Mason

27. Marc Jones

28. Selwyn Peake

29. James Jennings

30. Damien Carters

31. Wouter Dhondt

32. Bengt Sjödin

33. Tom Anders

34. Joshua Bones

35. Scott Osborne

36. James Jennings

37. Dave Van Dijk

42. Val Cassotta

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Feudball and Feudal Football are concepts developed by Stephen Babbage and Geoff Turner Copyright 2007.