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Feudal Football - a novel

What's New

Online edition now available.


We have a new, edited and updated version now available in a digital edition!  Feudball, the Kindle friendly version, also available in other digital formats. Please see the Ordering page for further details.

The cover of the online edition

Book two now in editing


Having now sold over 200 books, you will be pleased to know that book two, Super League, is in editing.  Book Two is a solo effort, having been solely written by Geoff Turner, one of the original two authors.

Updates can be seen on our facebook page.

Time Passes... 7 years in fact...

World Cup 2 Special


In an attempt to widen our market, we have shipped a large number of copies to the NAF organisation's World Cup. Held in Amsterdam, this event has over 400 fantasy football enthusiasts descend on it from all over the country. Enjoy the World Cup guys - and why not pick up a copy of the Feudball Novel at the same time?


And if you're still wondering what the book is like - take the plunge! The same money back guarantee is applicable to you too until the end of January 2012!


Sales still ticking


We have now sold over 100 copies to Australian readers!  This however means that the other 25 readers are in the minority by far.  We are confident that once the word is out about the novel, that international sales will increase - but we are having troubles spreading the good word.

We have also not had anyone say that they dislike the book.

As a result of this, we are instigating a money back guarantee. If anyone purchases a book and thinks it is not an enjoyable read - if the book is shipped back to us in good condition we will give a full refund! We are that confident it is the best Fantasy Football read there is.

Also in other news, unfortunately Stephen will not be going to Europe in November for the gathering of Fantasy Football fans, so will be looking for cheap ways to get a large quantity of books there and someone to give them a big plug.

Updated distributors


Stockists now include:

Aargon Hobbies in Dunedin, New Zealand

Minotaur books in Melbourne, Australia

Dark Dimensions in East Gosford, Australia

(as well as those listed further below).

Looking for distributors


We are still selling the book and are looking for locations for it to be sold through gaming stores that also sell books that relate to their gaming produce.  Sales are continuing to come in for the novel. We are particularly interested in looking for stores not in AUS. If you know a contact for us to follow up, drop us a line.

Reader Feedback


"Better than the in-flight entertainment" - D. Codling

"I'm up to chapter 14 and am really enjoying it so far." B. Vanzino

"Love the book, just finished it. Few errors missed in editing, but I can forgive you for that. Top job Babs/Vimes." P. Arentsen


"Damn you. I went and read the first 14 chapters and will now have to finish it.... I'm enjoying it a lot. It is a nice light read that is 'hard to put down'." C. Hanes

Book Launch


Chapter 15 up and online!

On the 24th of July, Feudball had their book launch at Burwood RSL club, Sydney. It was well attended and both authors were busy signing!  Next time we might choose beer instead of champagne!

To celebrate the book launch, Chapter 15 is now online, completing the chapters that will be put on the website for preview. To read the rest of the story, please support us and buy a copy.  Then, once you've read it, pass it to your friends to read!  If you all split the costs equally the book is not expensive at all (as I've said, split it amongst 5 other friends, and it's less than AUD$4 a copy!).

Our stockists now include:

* Good Games (Gosford)

* Mind Games (Canberra and Albury)

* Impact Miniatures

* Shadowforge stalls (not currently available online)

Please support our stockists, their products are worth purchasing. 

That said, we are still looking for a European stockist.  There are a number of discussions still being had with good book stores.

Books are printed and In!  Finally!


Orders are being taken!

The books are here and ready to ship.  This means that you can actually now purchase them through this website and they will be shipped to you within two weeks!  Not only that, but if you read it and dislike it, you can ship it back and I will refund your money. I'm that confident you will like the final product.  Here's the novel:

and here's its final size as a comparison: (It's 135 x 200 mm to be precise)

Hooray! We're finally done!

The good news is now I will be signing the pre-ordered copies and shipping them within the week.


Finally, to the publishers / printers!

That's right - we finally made it! The final copies have been sent to Western Australia (to Fontaine Press / Vivid Publishing if you're really interested) and they are printing the first print run of the book! So that's right - we're finally there! So what does that mean? It means everyone who pre-ordered did the right thing - and those who didn't - well it's not too late.  The cost of printing the books went up slightly so it's not too late to pre-order for the cheaper price or you can wait until the books are in our hands and pay the slightly higher price!

So to celebrate here's the back blurbs. They're a good variety of serious review, admiration and tongue in cheek. Enjoy.


No, we're not an abandoned website!

Just letting you know, actually things are going really well.   We are now finished all four draft edits and the layout has been completed pending some minor artwork additions to the main book (three pieces, one complete and one half complete to be added).  The front cover has been commenced and the book is very likely (artwork depending) to be to the publishers BEFORE the ANZAC long weekend (think 25th April if you are not from this region). That is good news as it will mean that very likely we will be able to hand out novels at the very tournament where discussion commenced on this novel five years later!

The size of the novel has changed due to the length of the novel and to help keep costs to the original estimates.  The Novel was planned to be 185 x 110 mm is size but will now be 200 x 135 mm (another standard size, but cuts down the pages considerably).

We've really crammed the text into the pages too - each page is a small and narrow font (while trying hard to maintain legibility and ease of reading).  The total word count comes in (as generated by estimation software) to be 175,000 words! Whew!

Lastly, some of the new artwork to inspire you. (oh, and Ch 14 is up to preview).


Chapter 12 and 13 now available

Apologies for the delay, however I have put two more sample chapters up for your viewing pleasure - and hopefully I will have chapter 14 up as a Christmas present for you all.


What has been happening?

Apologies for the sample chapters to dry up - however the good news is we are a small step away from having chapters 12-15 ready for upload and slow release on the website.  Also - we are now in final editing stages of the novel (finally).  I think realistically we will have the book ready for final details soon after Christmas - which is a shame as I would have loved to have the book ready for printing (pre-orders pending) before Australia Day.  Never mind.  The good news however is that Edit 2 is now complete and Edit 3 is well underway, graphics are continued to be worked on and the book is continuing to progress well.  So we are slow but those who have pre-ordered have nothing to fear - the book is still coming!


Sample Chapter 11 now available.

With a small delay, the draft sample of chapter 11 is now up and available to read.  This is the first full 'match' of Feudball in the book, however from here on in there is at least one full match every second chapter, or, more often, every chapter. As I've already mentioned below - up until now has been a lot of 'scene setting' but that's all done now and here on in it's games, games, games of Biff, Brutality and Bad-ass plays. Enjoy.


Sample Chapter 10 now available.

Finally, the chapters are up to where the Feudball on pitch action begins!  It has taken a lot of the book so far to 'set the scene' however from here on in it is Feudball action in every chapter (well, almost).  So buckle in as there's a lot of in game action packed into the chapters from here, right through to the epilogue after Ch 31.


Sample Chapter 9 now available.


Chapter 8 up + 66 Pre-Orders


Sample Chapter 8 now available.

The book is continuing to attract attention and be worked on behind the scenes.  As well as having the book registered by ISBN number and ongoing final editing taking place, we now have 66 Pre orders accounted for. 

Chapter 7 up + Distributors sign up


Sample Chapter 7 now available.

Both Tritex Games and Impact Miniatures have agreed to distribute Feudball once we have gone to print.  This has helped speed up the process significantly and as at the time of writing now 64 Pre-orders have been taken.  This is very pleasing progress and will hopefully raise the profile of the novel. 

Artwork is also continuing on both the front cover and further interior illustrations. We are encouraged by the progress of Mal Van Drempt and the uniqueness of his concepts, while being true to the tone and text of the book.

Chapter 6 up + ISBN and barcode finalised


Sample Chapter 6 now available.

As Graeme, one of our pre-order customers has said: "I've really liked the prevew chapters so far. :)
its alot better than the [other Fantasy Football novels], but really thats not a hard thing to do. ;)
congrats to Babs and Vimes u guys have done a great job so far. :) "

In other news, the book now has it's own ISBN. While we haven't listed the book officially yet, we have a reserved ISBN and barcode to match. The ISBN is 978-0-9806381-9-6 .

Chapter 5 now up


Sample Chapter 5 now available.

Enjoy!  If you do enjoy it, we'd love you to pre order.

20 Pre-orders


Sample Chapter 4 now available.

We now have 20 pre-orders.  Chapter 4 is now available for download.  I have been receiving positive emails from lots of people who have been reading the novel.  Don't forget that if you want to sign up to the forum you need to email me as well as sign up.  The novel still has some time to go before the real on pitch action takes off, so keep tuned and remember the more of you sign up for pre order - the closer we get to publishing (and the sooner!).

Book selling well


Sample Chapter 3 now up!

Thanks to the launch at Eucalyptus Bowl, the book now has 19 pre-orders.  Chapter 3 is now up as a sample, and the plan is from now on, chapters should be going up roughly weekly. Can I encourage you to pre-order if you have not already, sign up for the chat forum (and email me as well or you won't be approved) and tell everyone to get their copy - we'd love to get to print ASAP.

Book Launch!


Sample Chapter 1 and 2 now up!

Final launch date is upon us (and I'm cheating a little posting early here).  With the official date to coincide with a local gaming tournament, the website will now go live.  While artwork is still being finished, orders are now being taken and sample chapters will begin their slow release.

    You can expect that there will be a new chapter in the sample section about once a week. Of course, why wait? Sign up for the book now - and once we get enough people - we go to print!

    The printing has been sorted, the book is in final stages of editing, and it's a very exciting time!

Spambot annoyance!

    It is very important that people who want to sign up for the forum also send me an email as I am receiving a lot of spam signups and I will not know your legitimate signup without an accompanying email asking permission - please. I am taking it as a backhanded compliment that we have enough traffic to spam!

Teaser Cover

There is now a sample cover illustration being given out for those people who pre-order their copy.  This is NOT the final front cover, just a worked up concept which has been rejected.  However, to show you the calibre of the artwork it is included here.

Quotes for limited edition printing out to tender


Editing continues

The book has now entered it's next stage of editing, with quotes being tendered for the printing of the limited edition print run.  As posted below, some concept sketches are now up in the art section of the website.  Unforutnately the production of the book is again running behind schedule slightly, with our first sample chapter to be online with our 'official' release coming soon...ish.

Feudball site now 'whole'


No more 'dead' links

The website now has the basic page structure developed and ready.  I have also seen the artwork preliminary sketches, which are very impressive! Expect them to be up and online with this next update.

Feudball still developing


Progressing slower than anticipated (website and editing)

There is some slow traffic testing around the site, so the following links are good - all links down the menu to submission guidelines (in Feudball products), the chat forum and the bottom two menu items are all coded.  The others - well I'll get to them soon.  Hope that helps.  We have two important news items:

1. We have taken our first two orders for the novel!

2. We have artwork commenced for both the website, inside the book and the front cover.

Website up and running...sort of


Finally not just a placecard awaiting a website

Parts of this site are now live!  Please be careful - there are lots of missing links and web pages yet to be written - so if a link doesn't work - don't worry just yet - it will come along soon enough. Be patient and there will be an announcement on this page when it is finally up and running.

Feudball Draft being edited!


New book Currently being edited by others ready for release soon!

The Feudball Novel is completed and is being edited ready for public release soon.  How soon? Well that partly depends on our editors.  If you are wanting to assist in editing, please feel free to volunteer by sending a Private Message to Babs on the forum, or by emailing him:

Pre Orders available soon!


The ability to order Feudball the novel will be available soon on this website!

To place an order for a limited edition, signed and numbered copy of the novel, please head to Orders. (link will be working soon...)

Feudball and Feudal Football are concepts developed by Stephen Babbage and Geoff Turner Copyright 2007.